Zak Prekop, oil on canvas, 2009

"Prekop’s paintings are notable for their levels of refinement, interiority and sincerity. Even in his larger canvases, the artist conjures an intimate experience for the viewer. Diagetic, almost invisible marks reveal themselves only when viewed at certain angles while the quality of the artist’s lines feel introspective and meandering. Reinvesting seriousness and the personal into tropes of abstraction, Prekop creates a new form of subdued and cerebral non-representational painting. "

-Lisa Cooley, here.

Sam Prekop, Who's Your New Professor

Listen here. I have played this album at 300+ times. It only gets better.

two accomplished artist, one family, records and canvas.

1 and 2. zak prekop, opening in ny at lisa cooley this weekend.
3. sam prekop, who's your new professor, lp, thrill jockey.