los angeles.

dave mckenzie, proposal 2007

Dave Mckenzie, at Susanne Vieltmetter, here

"Proposal (2007), a painting which is both a unique object and a multiple, proposes something else by uttering, “This painting is a proposal. I propose we meet once a year every year until one of us can’t or won’t.” The work is an offer of a meeting that can only take place by mutual agreement but can also only happen during the overlapping of two lives and as such there is no obvious hierarchy."

Doug Aitken
at Regen Projects.. here...

"This exhibition will present a series of new text-based light boxes and will feature the west coast debut of the film migration. Aitken explores the themes of temporality, space, memory, movement, and landscape in his work. History and themes of both the past and present are interwoven and reconfigured. His work deconstructs the connection between idea and iconography allowing each to reinvent itself. Doug Aitken's new light boxes combine image and text in a collision that creates a rupture in which alternate connections are presented. The work frontier depicts a destroyed property on the water's edge, redefining expectations of what a frontier may hold. The images within some of the other light boxes are a photographic collage that references Aitken's photographic oeuvre and aesthetic. Experimenting with font, borrowed images, and his own photographs, the light boxes will be presented in the darkened gallery, glowing and playing off of one another. The disjunction of word, image, and light in these works also moves toward a cinematic whole, creating panoramic landscapes through text."