“In order to say what you really want to say, you have to start learning how to not
say what you want to say. Then you will learn how to speak clearly. But once you learn how to not say what you want to say, do you really need to speak?”

- Kaz Oshiro

"I always had troubles because I was self conscious about my work. I felt like it was like showing my emotions and I didn’t really like that feeling. From there, I wanted to find a different way to express my ideas. “If I make functional objects out of canvas,” I thought, “I don’t have to deal with that kind of guilty feeling of making art, the emotions.” So I just made ordinary objects. It looks like an object just sitting there. I liked that idea. I wasn’t interested in telling people about what I do. I never really wanted to speak loudly in art making."

Kaz Oshiro (all images)

(2nd and 3rd image from Rogue Wave Projects, at LA Louver , Venice CA.)

"Exploring the extremes of trompe l’oeil realism, Kaz Oshiro (sculpture) uses the traditional medium of paint on canvas to create modernist wall bound sculpture forms that may be viewed as surreal, fetishistic objects. Oshiro’s constructions present physical illusions and abstract materiality at the same time, compelling the viewer to distinguish for herself fact versus fiction."