Patrick Michael Fitzgerald
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taken from an interview with Patrick Michael Fitzgerald..... here.

"The new work is more to do with the morning. A year or so ago it came much more from the realm of night: towards a dark light. Now it is luminosity I’m after. Morning suggests clearheadedness, so there is a more direct touch and certainty in the application of paint and in the drawing elements too. Familiarity can be both a curse and a blessing…"

"I recognise the inherent risk involved but I also expect something in return, I ask a lot from a painting. Sooner rather than later most of my paintings reach a stage where they are quite acceptable; they adhere to certain rules or a formal correctness, they become “good” abstract paintings, but something is always lacking. This moment is crucial… then I always change them. It is like a backward correction. I overpaint them entirely or partially, maybe scrape half of it back to the support or canvas and just leave it like that. The over-painting often takes the form of over-lapping or layering with the obvious temporal implications."

“Where others go on, I stand still”. Despite this, I feel I must say that I do not deny the idealising impulse…a kind of ideal painting in my mind. I would even say that this is probably my core motivation. I have always been very interested in those painters who have taken the art of painting beyond what was conventionally expected of it. In that respect what I am doing is not a “deconstruction” of this tradition at all. In the Jewish tradition, it is said that the Messiah is coming, but never now: a suitable metaphor perhaps."

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