"a form of truth"

In the sleepy West Of the woody East
Is a valley full Full o' pioneer
We' re not just kids To say the least
We got ideas : To us that' s dear
Like capitalism Like communism Like lots of things
- frank black, pixies

“I do in-depth research, buying fittings and moldings from the period in order to establish a framework that conveys a form of truth, but avoiding anachronisms,” Dirand says. “I don’t want volumes and objects that are there just to be beautiful. Beauty fades fast—what one retains is how beauty fits into the context. For many years I refused to draw inspiration from the past, but today, after making my share of mistakes and breaking free from my own taboos, I no longer rely on any formula, starting from zero with every new site. It seems so obvious to me now: the spaces, countries, cultures and clients are all unique. And yet ultimately they are all interconnected, like the chapters of a novel drawn from past experience—from life.”

- Joseph Dirand

"a form of truth"

the firms:
1. Andersson-Wise
2. Joseph Dirand
3. Andersson-Wise
4. Darryl Carter