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2. Indipendenza Studio : Sunny Side Up

"Fredrik Værslev’s first solo exhibition in Italy. In his latest body of work, Fredrik Værslev has turned his attention to an often overlooked, yet all-pervasive component of the visual grammar and basic iconography of suburbia. Grammars and iconographies that the artist continues to rigorously scrutinize and also to vividly immerse himself in. These new paintings make immanent the diagram, look, and temporality of the canopy. In suburban residential areas canopies shelter, hide, promote, embellish and mark houses, row houses, duplexes, apartment buildings and blocks.

Alien canvas-like patches, shells and surfaces attached to an architecture that is often prefabricated, canopies are accessories that both serve as arbitrary outside décor as well as highly functional prostheses that facilitate certain operations carried out by these buildings. Anyone familiar with suburban communities know that these canopies also form assemblages in and by themselves; patterns, fabrics, colors, formats, and striations - and that these, in turn, engage in competing compositions. Which ornamental-facilitating canopies are able to elevate their houses, owners and neighborhoods to a position that solicits and communicates good taste, money, and social status? And which ones perform the inverse actions? Ugly, untidy and tarnished ones - or those simply in bad taste - can negatively affect huge residential areas both socially and financially. " (more here)