a store visit with Dead by Accident

"Can I come to your house?
Caught in the ropes and the wires
The sun settles hard in the south
Winter lives in my bones" - STARS

Dead by Accident is Emmanuel Picault's latest addition (opened less than a month ago) to his Mexico City gallery/stores, and his dedication to the work of Mexican designers. Located a quick walking distance from Chic By Accident,his other store in the Roma Norte, Dead by Accident's focus is on the story and symbolism of death.

All works are created by Mexican artisans and designers: works ranging from wood-blocks prints, to papier-mâché skulls, and the most exquisite ceramic tiles in opaque whites and earthly blacks. The main table centering the interior is covered in leather and adhered by glue and nails, while the tattered edges hang freely. The same leather-work carries onto the floor. The afternoon we were in the store with Emmanuel, an earthquake hit. The room slowly shaking, the skulls beginning to vibrate, as we were sipping mezcal.

Slowly the earth settled back into its form.
- David John

(all photography by David John)

top image, leather table surface by Emmanuel Picault

leather continues to the floor, and on the base of the tables.

(all photography by David John)