a store visit: Chic By Accident

Emmanuel Picault's Chic By Accident: Mexico City
Alvaro Obregon 49, Col. Roma Norte

the magnificent Chic By Accident book,

above: the center room, with towering panes of glass and striped canvas
(all photography by David John.)

On a busy street in the Roma Norte neighborhood of Mexico City, behind closed doors, Emmanuel Picault's Chic by Accident tells an undimmed and vivid chronicle of Mexican design and craftsmanship. His collection of works is by Mexican designers and artisans, working in various mediums, from exotic woods, metal, textiles, leather, and mercury glass. Chic by Acccident is a collection of connected rooms, some painted black, others in a vibrant, day-glow pink Mexican paint. A courtyard in the center covered in a striped canvas allowing light to cascade down the afternoon we arrived. In a side room, a darkened library with a selection of photography lines the walls, lit with a twisted chandelier.

Emmanuel showed me a collection of lamps he is working on currently, tall forms with miniature shades, a riddle of proportions, an exercise in play. Instantly imagining them in a hotel, a topic of conversation for the inquisitive travelers' eyes. Later in the afternoon, he took us to his latest project, Dead by Accident, recently opened 2 weeks ago. Dead by Accident is his store that focuses on works associated with death, all crafted by Mexican artists.

Architect Ludwig Godefroy and
Emmanuel Picault designed the mesmerizing M.N. Roy, a private club down the street, that utilizes materials (copper, leather, woods, & volcanic stone) to precise perfection. We visited this private club later that evening. The M.N. Roy is a small labyrinth of a space, a feeling of being in a Mayan pyramid with cascading light & shadows, while beautiful melodic sounds pulsating into the depths. Signature leather tables, and loveseats designed by Piccault inhabit the sitting areas of the M.N. Roy. The club is carved out of the former house "where Manabendra Nath Roy founded the first clandestine Mexican communist party."

Mezcal (the drink of choice in Mexico City) was poured in generous flowing amounts until the morning light surfaced. There is more to come my friend, as my memory comes alive this week. - David John

Par de Sillar "Miguelito",
a pair of chairs by Luis Barragan, Guadalajara, Mexico, circa 1970

a small back room (above) with a vaulted ceiling, painted an electric Mexican pink.
Emmanuel's mercury glass lamp, with shade on the right of the desk.

the chandelier in the side reading room of Chic by Accident.

Emmanuel Picault's Chic By Accident: Mexico City
, Alvaro Obregon 49, Col. Roma Norte.
Also don't miss the restaurant 2 floors above that recently opened, Romita Comedor.

Thank you Emmanuel Picault and Nath Acevedo.