YHBHS profile on KATCH Design Co. New York

"The urge to touch and investigate the materials is what we are drawn to
and so we folded that craving into our line, WOOLIE- WOOLIE. "

-Stephanie and Pamela Katch

Coffee Table in deep chocolate is a study in texture.
Available in a refined palette of 6 standard lacquer colors, or in a special custom color.

Favorite materials to use in your design studio?

Materiality and texture are hugely important to us. We often play with texture and are intrigued with unexpected hi/low, contrasting combinations such as silk velvet with under-finished wood. Raw steel, industrial felt, fine lacquer.

Joseph Beuys. Why felt? How did his original works resonate with you? A purely aesthetic connection, or more?

Joseph Beuys’ work is intellectual and visceral. But the pull really came from the aesthetic of his felt stacks at DIA BEACON. The urge to touch and investigate the materials is what we are drawn to and so we folded that craving into our line, WOOLIE- WOOLIE. We’ll be introducing his great uncle, WOOLIE ROYALE in the coming months. It expands on the range of materials and their combined textures.

Future projects you have in the works?

WOOLIE ROYALE is in progress. And we are working on a few other ideas for accessories and side tables. Materials will be industrial glass, rubber, and vitreous enamel. We are also in the course of designing some very cool residential spaces in NYC and Connecticut. One is a study in white, another is classic English with minimalist touches.

Places in new york you go to find motivation to create?

There is so much creativity in NYC. For us when we encounter inspired work we feel inspired ourselves. Inspiration is contagious and usually comes without effort. The trick is to be open and not think too hard.

How would you describe the interiors spaces you create and work on?

Our spaces tend to be light and spacious-the lightness is the spaciousness. We combine the old with the new, man-made and pristine with patina. We always strive to achieve high order but like to mix it up with a hit of the quirky for texture, interest, grit. Our clients love this because their individuality is invited into the process. Everyone is quirky in their own right and we love that and feel like it is critical to creating a personal space that has character.

Katch Design Co.
was sprouted in 2009 by sisters Pamela and Steph Katch as an offshoot to Katch I.D. (www.katchid.com) their New York City full service residential interiors firm.

Steph graduated from Parsons School of Design and is NCIDQ certified. She began her career at Naomi Leff & Associates and went on to become the Vice President of the Residential Interiors firm, Pembrooke and Ives, in New York City. In 2005 she founded her own interiors firm.

Pamela was Creative Director at Mediaworks, a multimedia firm in New York City, where she produced and directed award winning site-specific installations for The Brooklyn Museum, FDNY’s Firezone at Rockefeller Center and Christie’s auction house.

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