good company!


I was beyond flattered to receive an email this week from Remodelista, one of the best interior design blogs & directory on the web today. They asked permission to add YHBHS, You Have Been Here Sometime, onto their daily reads, and into the directory of Interior Design Blogs.

I've been reading Remodelista pretty much from the beginning, and I have seen it continue to grow into what it is today. I admire their motivation, daily dedication, and creative outlook on the world of interiors and designers. Their site was a direct motivation for me to begin blogging.

If you haven't check out their new directory of
Interior Design and Architecture Firms, you should. It's another great resource from the folks at Remodelista....

Thanks Remodelista!
David John, YHBHS

image via wright auctions
Guldsmeds Aktiebolaget
Denmark, c. 1940