Every summer demands a good vacation.

I'm looking forward to mine coming up!
Good books, R.J., and a summer drink. And I'm set.


Louis Vuitton ‘Malle Secrétaire’.
France, 1920s.

An exceptionally rare and important ‘Malle Secrétaire’, the fully fitted interior incorporating a folding writing desk, drawers and stationery compartment, the exterior in classic LV Monogramme canvas, with all brass and leather fittings, in outstanding original condition. French, circa 1920.

Few pieces illustrate the creative genius of Vuitton more ably than this remarkable ‘Malle Secrétaire’, manufactured in very limited numbers by Vuitton in the early 1920s. Standing 45 inches (112 cms) in height, the ‘Malle Secrétaire’ would have been installed in its owner’s stateroom at the start of a long sea voyage, containing all necessary accoutrements of stationery, a type writer and so forth.

Rare in the extreme, only a handful of ‘Malle Secrétaire’ were made, all to special order. In our 35 years of collecting, this is the first example we have owned."

via pullman gallery

king street, london.