Upcoming auction at Dorotheum 

"I strive to create a completely white (or even better: an entirely colourless, neutral) plane, which exists beyond the confines of painting and is beyond the reach of outside intervention that might add or subtract to the meaning of the plane itself: the kind of white, that is neither polar landscape nor suggestive subject, nor an object of beauty, neither an emotion nor a symbol, nor representative of anything else: A white plane that is, plain and simple, a white plane.”  - Pierre Manzoni

Auction Week: Contemporary Art, Part I 10.06.2015

The contemporary sale on 10th June 2015 showcases works by leading international artists including Enrico Castellani, Lucio Fontana, Ilya Kabakov, Adolf Luther, Otto Piene, Robert Rauschenberg, Paolo Scheggi, Cy Twombly, Günther Uecker, Victor Vasarely and many others.

Dorotheum - Since 1707  600 auctions, 40 sales categories, 100 specialists – more than 300 years of experience  300 years after its foundation, the Dorotheum, established in 1707, is the largest auction house in Central Europe, the largest in the German-speaking area, as well as one of the leading auctioneers worldwide.  The Dorotheum hosts about 600 auctions a year, and more than 100 specialists attend to over 40 departments.  Tradition, our specialists’ expertise and market experience, personal service, a broad selection, and international outlook – this is what our clients appreciate about the Dorotheum.  Founded more than 300 years ago, the Dorotheum continues today on its successful course and is enjoying an increase in turnover. Building on its list of international contacts is one of the main focuses of its activities.  Some of its most important international offices are in Brussels, Düsseldorf, Munich, Rome and Milan.