the works of  Takeshi Omura 

"I don't wanna be alright. I don't wanna feel just "OK". 
I wanna see everything. I wanna go everywhere. 
I wanna settle down, hey lover. 
I wanna run away, daydreamer..." (Neil Halstead)

 "Look for ocean walls, to gaze upon 
These distance stars, yeah, these distance suns 
Are all the reasons, are all the reasons 
The only season in my life" (Neil Halstead "Seasons)

"After graduating from the Arts & Sciences and Ceramics program at Tajimi Technical High school, Takeshi Omura studied under well known potter, Keisuke Iwata. In 2007, after severals years of producing his work at "Studio MAVO" in Tajimi, Omura returned to Fukuoka where he set up his own kiln. Omura's ceramics are characterized by their thin, almost metal like quality and unique coloration."

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