Miri Mara Ceramics, Carpinteria, California 

I think I'm going back to California 
Somewhere distant and it's all far away 
It's so far, it's so far far away  
I think I'll drift across the ocean now. (Mazzy Star, California) 

works displayed at Miri Mara, including an original lamp design

 Last week I traveled up to Santa Barbara, racing the morning light as it danced across the grinning Pacific Ocean. Along the way I stopped into Miri Mara, a small ceramics studio and gallery in Carpinteria, a beach town (which is the home to the world's largest pine tree! seen here.)   The gallery and studio is next to an automotive store, and Miri Mara is home in an industrial brick building that is built-out with drift wood.  Earthy black and white ceramics displayed on exquisite surfaces casting shadows and creating quiet conversations in the small shop.  

The works are created using a slip-casting technique, a once popular form to create ceramic works here in the U.S. We received a wonderful tour from the assistant who demonstrated the subtle shifts of surface techniques that can be achieved using brushes, teeth, and combs.  

Beautiful works! - David John

inside the back studio of Miri Mara

more information via here.

Clouds look so clear in your eyes 
Let me dream all my, let me dream all my friends  
I think I'll fly across the ocean 
I can watch the sky turning grey 
I think I'm going back, I think I'll go back  
I think I hear the whisper of my own best friend
 I think I hear the bells ringing in the square California, California