"The Chamber of Curiosity" by Gestalten, Apartment Design and the New Elegance

"These collage-like interiors are not dull, utilitarian residential units 
but true chambers of curiosities.. Anything goes: muted colors are set against geometric patterns, antiques against ultra-modern lights...."

DISC Interiors is included in a fantastic new book focusing on bold interiors, published by Berlin based, Gestalten Press!  Available in the U.S. in May, and Europe in April 2014.

While I crawl into the unknown 
Cover me, I'm going hunting for mysteries 
Cover me:  I'm going to prove the possible really exists.  (here)

 "Like the living spaces of modernist designers and architects, these collage-like interiors are not dull, utilitarian residential units but true chambers of curiosities. The acquisition of rare, weird, and often exotic articles has less to do with money spent and more to do with the fantasy and life path of its occupant and creator. Thus we are presented with interiors reminiscent of movies by Kubrick, Fincher, or Lynch—sometimes with an ambiance that is cool and detached, sometimes glamorous, often enigmatic, and always engagingly different.

 Apartments like these contain a conglomeration of objects and features that underscore the personalities of their occupants. Modern classics meet personal acquisitions and unconventional items with their own backstory. In these out-of-the-ordinary rooms, uniformity is avoided and the historical consorts with the futuristic. Anything goes: muted colors are set against geometric patterns, antiques against ultra-modern lights, an industrial lamp hovers over an oriental carpet, dark wood paneling offsets a Carl Auböck design, and paisley is a backdrop to onyx. The list of contrasts goes on."

This book also provides portraits and complementing features on the work of trailblazing interior designers, including Jean-Christophe Aumas from Voici-Voilà, Pietro Russo, Dimore Studio, Autoban, and the Harmony Club.

 artwork by Jason Koharik with a custom Lawson Fenning sofa, 
vintage coffee table, custom burlap linen window coverings.

Los Feliz Residence

'The interior of this residence in Los Feliz, a refuge of the creative class in Los Angeles, is defined by expressive and bespoke contemporary materials or hand-picked vintage objects, furnishings, and artwork. DISC Interiors, for example, dressed the walls of the powder room with custom drapery paired with a hyper-graphic wallpaper made by British wallcoverings workshop Cole & Son. In the master bath, the designers fashioned vanities from a combination of white oak, brass, and Carrara marble and tiled the floor with hexagonal Carrara tiles." -

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"Gestalten specializes in developing content for aficionados of cutting-edge visual culture worldwide. For us, visual culture is the output resulting from the interrelationship of design, art, architecture, photography, and other visual disciplines with each other as well as other areas such as popular culture and music. In drawing from a variety of influences and combining them in ways not yet seen before, this work is pushing contemporary creative expression to new frontiers.  Always working directly with talented contemporary designers and artists, we bring a deep understanding of visual culture on a global level to whatever we do and remain firmly committed to presenting visual trends with timeless substance. With approximately 30 staff members, the company has offices in Berlin, London, New York, and Tokyo."