Nothing in this world can touch the music that I heard 
When I woke up this morning 
It put the Sun into my life 
It cut my heartbeat with a knife 
It was like no other morning  ("dream attack")

"I always get into arguments with people who want to retain the old values in painting – the humanistic values they always find on the canvas. If you pin them down, they always end up asserting that there is something there besides the paint on the canvas. My painting is based on the fact that only what can be seen there is there. It really is an object. 

Any painting is an object and anyone who gets involved enough in this finally has to face up to the object-ness of whatever it is that he’s doing. He is making a thing. All that should be taken for granted." ~ Frank Stella 

" It Really Is An Object. " 

1. Frank Stella
2. T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings  cabinet, model 1671 Widdicomb United Kingdom/USA, c. 1950 bleached mahogany 54 w x 20.5 d x 69 h inches  estimate $10,000–15,000  Cabinet features four doors concealing fixed storage and nine shelves. Signed with applied manufacturer's label to drawer. 
(via Wright)