Ceramics by Gustavo Pérez 

"Pure in form, with a significant structure, completely abstract and without specific associations, his language of line, the bending of forms, and the definition of the vessel mark his work as a distinctive voice.  The form is not just a container or a receptacle; it is architecture."

"Mexican ceramist Gustavo Pérez makes vessels that are simple, smooth and symmetrical. Their elegance is due to the precision of the incised lines and other markings on the pots. While using the same clay body—sand colored stoneware—throughout his work, the artist achieves a wide range of form and pattern and includes slowly undulating walls beneath the subtly incised surfaces. Part architecture, part mathematical pattern, and part lyrical movement, the sleek ceramic constructions were the subject of a major survey exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City.  Gustavo Pérez is constantly moving, and with each stage of his work he advances and investigates. His works are incessantly experimental. There have been parallel lines, calligraphic traces, geometric cuts into the surface, minimalist vessels, recollections of pre-Hispanic vases and references to other ancient cultures. “There is something distinct about all of these – coherence and synthesis. Material, texture, color and design all correspond in Perez’s works,” writes Alfonso Colorado."

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