What would you do , If it all came back to you 
Each crest of each wave , Bright as lightning 
What would you say , If you had to leave today 
Leave everything behind , Even though for once you're shining (Junip)

Matthew Fairbank is making some incredible new lighting works, and recently uploaded some new images on his website.  I happened to have met him a few years ago at the AD Home Show in New York, showcasing at the time his floor lamp. The two new chandeliers are "bright as lightning" as they might say in the folk clubs, casting shadows on the lookers in the backseats, mouthing the words, quietly singing the tunes late into the evening.  - David John

Matthew Fairbank Design is an American furniture and lighting fabrication company dedicated to the creation of well-crafted, timeless designs. Matthew Fairbank is head designer and craftsman of heirloom quality wood furniture and hand-built lighting. Matthew’s tables, seating, lamps, and cabinets are made from lasting techniques and the most exquisite materials. The forms draw influence from history while maintaining a modern attitude. Each piece of furniture is made to order to the client’s exact needs. Works from the collection can be adapted or work can be fabricated from a designer’s specifications.  

In addition to limited edition pieces in the portfolio, clients may custom order furniture in virtually any size or design. Each year, Matthew Fairbank Design produces dozens of custom furniture pieces for residential and commercial applications. Our manufacturing capabilities can meet the needs of both one-off pieces and high volume production for hospitality, corporate, and residential interiors. We look forward to collaborative projects and offer our refined design aesthetic and expertise in materials and fabrication knowledge.