the work of Piet Boon 

"A seamless marriage of functionality with timeless design, natural materials, distinguishing signature details and a keen eye for aesthetics defines the work of fĂȘted Dutch designer Piet Boon (1958)." 

"white, the most beautiful color there is."

Piet Boon is a Dutch designer that started over 25 years ago as a building contractor working with other architects and designers. Over the span of his career, Piet Boon and his team which include Karin Meyn, business partner and creative director, have designed private residences and villas, as well as corporate projects throughout the world, both large and small that emphasize function as well as craft and beauty.  Piet Boon most recently completed a 58 unit loft condominium project in New York City at 404 Park Avenue South, called Huys, that offer views over Park Avenue South and lower-Midtown Manhattan. His past projects have ranged from Las Vegas, Spain, Portugal, Paris, New York City, Korea, and South Africa to name a few, each creating a different design for clients seeking his team, as well as a furniture line sold in 46 countries.  I recently received a copy of Piet Boon Book 3, and it is nothing short of remarkable.  Piet Boon's work is characterized by vaulted spaces, a sense of openness in color and form, a modernist and calming sensibility that grounds his projects. - David John

The third book by renowned designer Piet Boon, featuring the latest interior design projects from Portugal, USA, the Netherlands, South Africa, Bonaire, Denmark, South Korea and France The designs of the successful Piet Boon are well-known worldwide. Throughout the world over 80,000 copies of his books Piet Boon and Piet Boon 2 have been sold. Piet Boon III, containing more pages than the first two books, shows recent design projects of Piet Boon, both in the Netherlands and abroad: Portugal, USA, South Africa, Bonaire, Denmark, South Korea and France. The text can be found in seven languages at the back: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. This spectacular collection of Piet Boon's latest projects together make up for an impressive, inspiring book. 

Piet Boon is one of the most celebrated designers in the Netherlands and abroad.  He is especially famous for his furniture designs and for his all encompassing designs for homes and city districts. 'Piet Boon' has become a worldwide brand name signifying a luxurious lifestyle that serves clients worldwide. Joyce Huisman has published numerous titles, both culinary and interior design books.

all photography by Richard Powers

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