"Let's take the train 
To a quiet place I know where we can be alone 
Where the shore meets the sea meets the sun 
And although we should be tired 
The day has just begun" - Zachary Cale

I took the photo above last week as we walked around one of our projects that is being built in Manhattan Beach, California. This is the view from the master bathroom, leading into the master bedroom that has a large balcony that we will turn into an outdoor living space on the second floor.  For this project, we are working with Sunset Magazine, and designing the complete interiors for this 4,500 sq.ft. home in Manhattan Beach. "Sunset began in 1898 as a promotional magazine for the Southern Pacific Transportation Company, designed to combat the negative "Wild West" stereotypes about California."  The history of this magazine is incredible, and next month we are off to the Sunset headquarters in Northern CA to soak in all things "WEST." This journey has been incredible so far, and it is a project we are truly excited to be working on.

Our Sunset Idea Home will be open to the public for 6 week in August.  We'll be working with local vendors, furniture companies, lighting designers, artists, and good friends to make this home come to life.  More to come, and I hope you'll join us when it opens this summer... - David John