It's goin' all right, soak it in 
I mean this sponge site is coated in the warmth of your tides 
They're breakin' it in, all across my coastline, 
now it's what I'm wakin' in  (King Krule's "Ocean Bed")

I've spent this week working on a side project, shooting in 3 different homes that are near the California coastline.  Homes perched in canyons, windows open, as the Los Angeles winter feels more like summer.  These are a few snaps from my camera, my only wish is that I could have stayed for another afternoon... More to come....  - David John

  Saturday morning trip to the dowtown flower market.  
Bucket full on kumquat branches in on arm.

Malibu, 3 p.m. kitchen window

a view into the Palos Verdes' canyons as the sun begins to set