First rays of light are coming through 
Been several months since I saw that much blue 
Water a-rushing in the banks Freed from the ice it has the...  

We've got the sun, the sun to thank... 
Matches inside your golden hair 
Catch all the light I'd fight to the death I swear (listen.....)

A beautiful lamp arrived via an email this week. It reminded me of the winter sun, and later in the day, a phone call with a friend reminded me of my roots in Ohio. A congratulations is long overdue. I'll see you soon! Take a deep breath, look into the sun, and rejoice! It's all beginning. - David John

"Vilt aan Zee tries to produce the lamps as sustainable and social as possible. Besides the use of ecological materials they will start in 2014 with their own garden to grow plants to use for dying the wool. There are also plans for keeping some sheep with a shepherd nearby so they can use the wool to make the felt products. People who are not able to participate in a normal working environment can come and help at the atelier, in the garden and for example dye and comb the wool.  In the nearby future the customer knows exactly from which sheep we used the wool, by what plant the wool has been dyed and which person made his or her lamp."

more info here.
lyrics by Laura Veirs" Sun Song"