A look into the upcoming book "Inspiring Interiors" 
by Piet Swimberghe and Jan Verlinde, published by Lannoo

"The creation of this house was a good exercise for me," says architect Nathalie Vervenne. "Here nothing is smooth or even, but everything is a little rough and hence decidedly rural..."  

"Inspiring Interiors depicts European interiors of collectors, 
antique dealers, designers, and architects."

 "Inspiring Interiors is a compendium of the most inspirational, astonishing and personal interiors found by authors Piet Swimberghe and Jan Verlinde. The authors of Living Rooms, Interiors Country & City and Quiet Living have certainly seen their fair share of interiors, having traveled around Europe in search of unique and innovative examples, and are therefore excellently placed to choose among the very best for this stunning volume. Their choices are eclectic: contemporary, country style, artistic - each one illustrated with beautiful photographs. Art historian Piet Swimberghe and photographer Jan Verlinde work for numerous magazines such as Elle Living, Coté Ouest, MTC and Weekend Knack. They have produced books on architecture, design and interiors and written many articles for European interior magazines."

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Thank you to Lannoo for the peak inside the upcoming book.....
All photography credited to: Inspiring Interiors. Lannoo Publishers. 2013. ISBN 9789401409858