March 8 2008. (5 years have passed)
Jean Royere at Sonnabend NY

I wanna make this plain 
Oh, I know your faded 
Mm, but stay, don't close your eyes (RHYE "open")

©Galerie Jacques Lacoste et Galerie Patrick Seguin

5 years ago to this day, Sonnabend Gallery NY opened a retropsective of Jean Royere, curated by Galerie Patrick Seguin and the Galerie Jacques Lacoste. Royere's works continue to look fearless, luxurious, and at their core, a pursuit of living sculptural forms.  Oversized and roll-over armchairs combined with majestic lighting for the floor, wall, and ceiling continue to speak of modernity..  Royere has recently been referred to as the "smart collector's collectible." - David John 

"On Saturday March 8, 2008 Sonnabend Gallery will open a retrospective exhibition of the oeuvre of Jean Royère (1902-1981), curated by the Galerie Patrick Seguin and the Galerie Jacques Lacoste.  Jean Royère's career began in 1933 when he became one of the regular participants of the large Parisian design shows of the time, such as the Salon d'Automne (Autumn Salon) or the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs (Artistic Decorators' Salon). His innovative style distanced him from the conventionalism of his colleagues and their "dictums."

Royère expressed a masterful command of the interior spaces he designed, as if he had an innate sense of decoration, where comfort does not alienate a richness of material and where a fanciful wistfulness is expressed through innovative shapes and vivid colors. Even before World War II, Royère appropriated the sinuous forms that prefigure the "free-form shapes" characteristic of the 1950's.   The originality of his style, his inherent refinement, and the poetry of his touch consecrate Jean Royère among the pantheon of great decorators of the 20th Century."

©Galerie Jacques Lacoste et Galerie Patrick Seguin