Howe, Los Angeles

"The black painted and patinated tubular steel frame with 4 bulb holders, 
following the original 1934 design by Jean Royere, Paris" - can be made to measure

Recently the world is ripe to the scent of Royere. Jean Royere.
His lines have returned, his emotional curves are taking quick flight through our dirty cities.
Young and old designers: seeking his linear colorful lamp shade designs & his elegant gestures.
Are you coming along for the ride? Dance (Catch us) if you can. - David John

“I studied as a sculptor therefore form and texture are primary. Design must be pure and have great qualities which achieve timelessness. I want my furniture to survive and be appreciated for a long time, like the antiques I also sell. I love research and academic discoveries which tell you more about a piece, but the mood created by the design, scale, colour or condition is what really inspires me.”- Christopher Howe 2004 

Christopher Howe offers an unusually varied stock - since the age of twenty Christopher has acquired an extraordinary range of rare furniture and objects dating from the 17th through to the 20th centuries. Most of this stock is now available to view online or can be seen in his large shop located on the prestigious Pimlico Road in London." text taken from howe.

and now Howe Los Angeles... 
sharing space with Woven Accents: 8674 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles