"when new words collide with old works"
"these process-based works are monuments for the everyday."

Everyday : Dayevery

1.  DCKT Contemporary is pleased to present BRION NUDA ROSCH’s second solo exhibition in New York. Deconstructing or rearranging the commonplace, ROSCH’s collage and sculptural works heighten awareness, jarring the viewer out of an object or photograph's sense of embedded context. 

Continuing his practice within a guided set of rules, each work exists to challenge what has been given value and what is held sacred.  Mundane materials such as found book pages, wood, concrete and recycled house paint are slightly or humbly altered. Small adjustments, such as additions or subtractions to found book pages, create seemingly impossible situations. The collaged images dictate and negate form and content as well as the monumental and un-monumental. Contradictions arise within their placement and presentation suggesting an interwoven conversation amongst the works. These process-based works are monuments for the everyday. (more here)

2.  School Display Stand , Belgium 1940 belgium 1940'S a teacher's display stand from belgium with chalkboard panels for teacher / student referencing. completely collapsable for portability. via Galerie Half