on simple forms
to decorate a home.

"Winding your way down a peninsula along the Kennebec River, you may just stumble across a modest grey farmhouse and accompanying shaker barn. This 1850’s pairing makes the home and workshop of Master Concrete Artisan Thomas Stuart. Similarly, make your way over Mt. Tom in Western, Massachusetts, and find, nestled at its foot, a century old, humble bakery. This is now home and studio to Designer and Concrete Artisan, Andrew Stuart. Together these two brothers make up Obelisk: fine concrete décor. “Our homes are monuments to ourselves and say a great deal about our values and priorities.” Hence, the name of this minute collaborative: obelisk. “Drama.” “Artistry.” “Craftsmanship.” These are all expressions conjured up by the creations of this duo. Obelisk transcends ordinary notions of concrete to create works of art that celebrate the home and feed the soul"

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