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Opening Reception Friday, Nov 9th, (more here)

"New Nouveau" the new new. It is a response to this trend. Something growing out of it maybe. There was a time when some one said "new art, Art Nouveau", and it described something pretty, flowing, and up lifting, it was painterly, gestural, and spontaneous. I guess I have just been thinking about those types of things when I am working."

"Everything Has Possibility."

This upcoming Friday evening, November 9th,  Jason Koharik opens an important show of hand crafted and rare vintage furniture, lighting, paintings, and sculpture.  Last year, I met Jason and became a huge admirer of his work, and I had a chance to speak with him about his collection of lighting in his Echo Park studio, and his practice as a designer.  Over the past year, I've seen him working on this show, and previewed many of the works last week.  I'm in total awe of how it has been realized.  Materials of leather, brass, wood,  a muted color palette, combine for a story of possibility and beautiful imperfections.

See you at the opening!  - David John

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(all photos by David John)

"Jason Koharik built a studio and wood working shop in his home in Echo Park California, where he works through an older but timeless method: Hand tooled, hand stitched, and hand woven. A discarded Ikea bucket seat, becomes a patiently hand stitched reclaimed saddle leather sculpture. "I look for the discarded and under appreciated. I value the beauty and potential of all things wood and metal. I collect them. I clean them. I fix them. I rebuild them. In some cases, I just place them in the right environment. I follow a use what you have mentality.  Nothing goes to waste, that way everything has possibility."

(all photos by David John)