Let's be still, be still for awhile 
There's no place I wanna be
Lose our way and sit side by side
Passing time so carelessly, so carelessly (here)


New works: Collected by Jason Koharik,  
Opening Reception Nov 9th

"All the while, I was continuing to meet people that were interested in design. I would find them some rare or interesting piece, and in many cases, that led me to their homes where I began dressing them, and custom building/designing pieces for them. I do enjoy putting a room together. Finding balance both visually and with their life style and interests. I also get to turn people on to things they would otherwise never consider or designers they are not really aware of.  I am, I suppose, self taught on much of what I do, (metal working, weaving, leather work, sewing, electrical, wood working), mostly out of necessity. I don't know how else to get it done "

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all photos by David John 

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"o much of what I do I feel is collecting. Even the way I learn to do it is a collection of mistakes and break

"So much of what I do I feel is collecting. Even the way I learn to do it is a collection of mistakes and break throughs. Most of my works, paintings, sculptures, are made from materials that have taken 10 -15 years to collect. Examples being: Paintings made from hundreds of used paint stir sticks creating large linear color fields. I have collected what seems like miles of lost or acquired steel and cloth tape measures to weave large canvas inch by inch.

Collected by also refers to my love of "hunting". I have a collection of furniture, lighting, designer, rare discoveries, and things that inspire me. Some I reupholster, some I re-purpose. Some are so far gone I turn them into something new. I also collect old scrap leather, a material I am very fond of. I reuse this (hand stitched) on old bent metal chairs to give them a new life. I love to collect the unusual. The pieces passed by because they no longer have a place. Some of them are just better used as something else. Potential energy."   - Jason Koharik

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