LAMA Preview
Auction : Oct  7

Los Angeles Modern Auctions is previewing the lots for their upcoming auction on October 7th.  Yesterday afternoon, Peter Loughrey, founder of LAMA, gave me a tour of some highlights, including a Keith Haring decorated gas tank, and a Harrison McIntosh Scottish Rite Temple Jar from the early 60's. One of the highlights for me was seeing 2 large scale works by Sheila Hicks, (photographed above in the background and below) circa 1970 and 1975.  It's seems bizarre that her market has not gained strength in the U.S., especially at a time when Kusama's prices have skyrocketed and taken center stage in the art world.  In 2011, The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) presented Sheila Hicks: 50 Years, the first major retrospective of Sheila Hicks work, though this show never made it to the West Coast.

"In Tahoe Wall (c. 1970), Hicks illustrates her ability to transform a surface into a vibrant tapestry, teeming with warmth and fluidity. Her scrupulous attention to the properties of the materials has resulted in a seamless transition of colorful silk interrupted by smooth tufts of natural linen. Critic Mildred Constantine and fabric designer Jack Lenor Larsen describe this piece as “replete with the rhythmic cadence of music.” (text taken from here)

"The 20th Anniversary Auction features over 500 lots of rare and important fine art and design, including a work on paper by Sam Francis, a selection of works by Richard Pettibone, Blue Surround from 1982 by Richard Diebenkorn, nine works by Andy Warhol, a hand-decorated motorcycle gas tank by Keith Haring, a collage by Yayoi Kusama, a painting by Roland Peterson, and a drawing by David Hockney.    

Design offerings include a rare Jean Prouvé table from 1954 that was commissioned for a hotel in Cameroon, an impressive selection of Greta Grossman designs, and a strong grouping of Serge Mouille lighting. Sixteen designs by Nakashima will go up on the auction block, including one of his masterpieces, a monumental coffee table from 1969.

Ceramics include a large-scale Harrison McIntosh vessel, as well as other ceramics by Peter Voulkos, Pablo Picasso, Beatrice Wood, and Stan Bitters..."

"The psychology of a collector."
Do you collect anything yourself?   

Peter: I often answer this question by explaining I collect items that haven’t sold yet. BUT, I do have a nice collection (pieces not for sale) of Gio Ponti furniture and objects such as glass by Venini and enamels by Paolo di Poli.   There must be a collector’s gene that can be isolated. Perhaps it will eventually be possible to develop a pill, like a statin, that will not cure the collector, but it would allow them to keep their condition manageable.

(read entire interview with Peter Loughrey, of LAMA here) 

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