this is a new chapter.
is this chapter new?
a new chapter is the?
the new chapter is a...

"Trying to find, find the right time"

Above, a book on a glass coffee table, revealing the layers of our conversation that afternoon.
Duncan Nicholson
showed me this book  the day I arrived at his studio, at the end of our conversation, almost like an afer-thought, or a new beginning of sorts, (I'm not quite sure it matters if you talk about the beginning or the end. )   A bank designed by Louis Sullivan, if I recall correctly, in the Midwest, in early 1900's.

"To study Frank interiors published between 1928 and 1941—when the forty-six-year-old designer jumped from a Manhattan building, a refugee desolated by the Nazi occupation of France and a love affair gone awry—is to be amazed by his confectionary palette and catholic furnishings. “White was his favorite color,” says the designer’s niece, Alice, who recalls her uncle’s apartment at 7 rue de Verneuil as a suave composition of travertine, sanded oak, vellum and blanched leather. But the rooms of his clients embraced the glitter of Boulle as well as the glamour of the silver screen."
(text from AD here)

The Spring afternoon in Mexico City, we walked past a line of books. 
A diagonal line. It left a memory with us. The street felt brisk with business.
I snapped a photo, only to stare at it with a melody behind it, now back in Los Angeles.

Walking alone I'm in the red lines 
Trying to find, find the right time 
Walking alone I'm on the wrong side 
Try'na find, find the right times