Apparatus : ICFF

"Its something like a time machine,
we bring forward this incredible texture that is hiding in the polished raw material. "

new pieces, details, and Apparatus workspace in Manhattan.

New American Lighting

In two short weeks, I'll be back in New York with our firm, DISC Interiors seeking out contemporary design, lighting, & furniture at ICFF, Noho Design District, and Wanted Design. One company I'm particularly excited about is Apparatus, a small lighting company based in Manhattan that is producing warmly defined, minimal lighting crafted out of brass, leather, and other materials. All of the works are made by hand in Manhattan.

Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson, partners of APPARATUS (read their interview here) will be showcasing new works at ICFF, (exhibit space 1662) which includes the Vanity Sconce, the Pivot Sconce, and Highwire, a new chandelier. Gabriel Hendifir spoke to me about their starting points for these new works, and his love of natural patinas. Looking forward to seeing these works glow in person next week! - David John

above on the right, the Pivot and the Vanity Sconce.

"The Vanity Sconce is our modern interpretation of classic dressing room lights. The warmth of bare bulbs creates a very flattering light on the skin. I love the juxtaposition of the glamorous theatrical reference with the rawness of oxidized metal. We are so enamored with brass and the myriad shades it turns as you apply processes to it.

The Pivot Sconce is a way for us to showcase the material, in a very direct, uncluttered way. We are showing it Two-Tone, using a technique we've developed to achieve dual finishes on one piece of metal. I think the result is very painterly, while also feeling minimal and modern. The piece is just as beautiful in a solid finish, as the natural patina of the metal comes to the surface. Its something like a time machine, we bring forward this incredible texture that is hiding in the polished raw material. " - Gabriel Hendifar

the Pivot Sconce

the Highwire

"Highwire is inspired by the silhouette of French aerialist Philippe Petit against the skyline. He is such an idiosyncratic character and his figure standing precariously on a wire is an arresting visual. We sought to design a piece that nodded towards this image, while also functioning mechanically as a balance bar would on a wire. The piece is calibrated such that the balance bar, which is wrapped in leather, has the ability to tilt on its access. It exists somewhere between chandelier and mobile."

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