Geenen + Hoon

"Geenen + Hoon
begin with complementary starting points; both are heavily influenced by the architecture of Antoni Gaudi for example. However, they have almost opposite ways of working, employing different techniques to arrive at superficially alike conclusions. "

GEENEN + HOON @ The Aram Gallery
17th September – 5th November 2011

Aram, London's experimental design + art gallery's latest show continues to blur the borders of function & form, referencing Gaudi's triumphant churches in Barcelona... Two designers discovering the point of intersection in their process, tension, and desire for further understanding of form and materials. Their works appear to twist with the shadows, bending with subtle complexities. For those in London, see this show before it disappears or collapses.

The exhibition uses Geenen + Hoon’s works to show how 2 designers interpret similar influences. It presents a succinct step by step journey from initial sketch to full size piece, so as to highlight crossovers in their methods. This methodical approach to the presentation of their work intends to demystify how these designers design, and, it allows for explanations of the materials and processes they use at each stage of their development.

Studio Geenen
proposes design solutions for current issues, based on its research of developments in technology and science and their effects on society. In 2009 we designed the Gaudi Stool as a graduation project. An extremely lightweight piece of furniture it was designed using the same methods as were developed by Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi to engineer the strongest shape for his churches.

As an architect, Il Hoon has developed and carried out experiments following this technique as architectural investigations. The resulting structures and forms are not mere copies resembling those found in nature, instead their process replicates natures’ methods. The resulting structures are lightweight, structurally optimized and extremely efficient. To make these organic forms a fabric stretching technique was developed, a single piece of fabric is stretched into a three-dimensional form. The resulting shapes are not pre-set but allowed to develop into the final shapes.

ARAM Gallery..
110 Drury Lane. Covent Garden London WC2B 5SG