Arata Isozaki
Aiko Miyawaki

“I have the sense that I have always been looking for how to say something... For me, making shapes is not my final goal, what I have sought is something completely different. How should I express it? I might say something like that which isn’t, the spirit that Oscar Wilde said was hidden behind all things. While there are all sorts of methods and materials, such as tableaux or reliefs or three-dimensional works, to the degree that their focus is on creating a form, you cannot thoroughly, actually grasp this thing that isn’t. That is why more than calling what I make sculpture, it might be better to call them a medium, and when the gaze that falls on them is a mixture of transparent, semi-transparent, reflective or refractive, then something completely different appears.

I am seeking that instant, that moment....

“In the fall of 1962, I spent several hours on a street corner in Paris, watching the sun set, and as it got darker, it had a great effect on me.... I lost all interest in stories which have a beginning, and an end, in bold shapes, bright colors. Then I started to make works that seem to have no beginning, no end.

text by Aiko Miyawaki,
image above: Arata Isozaki, Hotel Silken Puerta America, photo by Rafael Vargas

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