where we from, you don't know
you will know where we will go

yeah I'm here, where are you?,
there's nothing you can't do

I'm not in love with the modern world
I'm not in love with the modern world
It was a torch driving the savages back to the trees

Modern world has more ways
And I don't mention it since it's changed
While the people go out and the people come home again


Usually a FOYER is a large, specially designed hall, but sometimes it is a corridor surrounding the main hall. It is furnished and big enough to enable spectators to stroll, get together and rest.

Foyers are commonly adorned with art works, permanent or temporary exhibitions related to the activity of the institution, and a refreshment room or buffet. A foyer in a house is usually a small entry area or room by the front door. Other public rooms such as the living room, dining room, and family room typically attach to it, along with any main stairway. It was initially intended as an "airlock", separating the fireplace-heated rooms from the (colder, in winter) front entrance, where cold air infiltration made for cold drafts and low temperatur

1. Altered image of neoclassical lamps sourced via 1st dibs
2. Larry Bell, cube....

lyrics by jj, and wolf parade
it's late, and the music vibrates tonight.