portrait of the "modern" office
the essentials: lighting, desk, and a chair.

portrait of an office
the essentials: lighting, desk, and a chair.

1. Michael Anastassiades, via the fantastic MATTER. NY. gold plated brass, silken wire
2. Jean Royere, 1948 desk.
3. India Mahdavi chair, her designs are in a range all her own. Vibrating on their own.

more information on Jean Royere's desk:

"Jean Royère was a self-taught designer who began working on interiors in 1931. By the 1940s he was achieving major international success, particularly in the Middle East. Following the opening of his first gallery in Paris in 1942, he opened branch offices in Cairo in 1946 and in Beirut in 1947. Royère designed this desk for his own study in 1948, at a time when his practice was flourishing.

The lattice that forms the outer frame of the desk is a signature component in much of Royère's furniture. One of his most recognisable designs was the 'Eiffel Tower' pattern, a black lattice with gold balls at the intersections, which was used for items ranging from wall lamps to tables. He also designed wooden and rattan pieces using lattice patterns, and a range of furniture entitled Croisillons - 'Lattices' - incorporating metal lattices painted in bright colours."

taken from V of A museum Collection.
spend a day there, your mind will thank you.