@ Rena Bransten Gallery, SF
March 17 - April 23, 2011

"Ian McDonald’s exhibition, Wearing, refers to the displays of non-functional ceramic objects hung, assembled, or arranged to evoke clothing or containers re-configured for puzzling purposes. As in past bodies of work, multiple forms in different sizes and shapes are grouped to suggest mass produced items of quotidian or even specific functionality – in this case, “things” that are worn down or out or hung up to be worn later."

"The hardness of fired clay makes it difficult to relate the hanging forms to “things worn” or to imagine what their industrial use might be, but McDonald has long enjoyed stretching the possibilities of both forms and functions. His title urges viewers to process the physical inventory and its functions as a mental exercise, but otherwise, to enjoy the shapes, colors, and arrangements for the aesthetic harmonies they may suggest. "

for all those in SF, go see this show!
plus upcoming interview with Ian on YHBHS.

Rena Bransten Gallery
77 Geary Street
(between Kearny and Grant Streets)
San Francisco, CA 94108