oh demon hill, release me, squeeze me, and dizzy me.
julian strikes twice in los angeles

After my afternoon appointment, I dashed over to Julian Hoeber's installation currently at the HAMMER. It's called DEMON HILL : a freestanding structure based on the architecture of “gravitational mystery spots.”

Any room complete with plywood furniture, and an ability to alter your senses is a-ok with me. Thanks Julian! Off to see your other show at Blum and Poe this week for further hallucinatory experiences.

Call me when you get to the bar, the first round is on me.

"Los Angeles-based artist Julian Hoeber uses a wide range of media—including sculpture, drawing, filmmaking, installation, and photography—to explore psychology, emotion and narrative. For this exhibition, Hoeber presents Demon Hill, a freestanding structure based on the architecture of “gravitational mystery spots.” The architecture of these shacks creates the illusion that gravity works at an angle, that water runs uphill, and that bodies stand at a sharp angle to the floor. “Mystery spots” claim to be an effect and marker of a geological anomaly or a supernatural phenomenon and the illusion is so convincing that it gives even rational people pause.

The project will allow for a playful experience of space and narrative while opening questions of how psychology and ideology form meaning in art. Installed on the Museum’s Lindbrook Terrace, Demon Hill is a combination art installation and roadside attraction, transplanted to the marble terrace of the Museum.

text taken from hammer's site...

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