hand labor
and hand tools

1. Ursula von Rydingsvard
2. Ruby Neri, Untitled, 2011 (detail) stoneware with glaze, acrylic paint, and oil paint,
David Kordansky Gallery is pleased to announce its participation at The Armory Show 2011 March 3 - 6, 2011, Booth 615


Von Rydingsvard persistently explores childhood experiences, emphasizing the quiet drama of family connections. She also chronicles the emotional attachments to one’s environment and the dignity of hand labor and hand tools. Although her sculptures are nonrepresentational and avoid literalism, they function, says one critic, as “a connector between abstraction and the world of real things.”

Making reference to all kinds of everyday objects and architectural constructions, von Rydingsvard’s work evokes barns, sheds, barracks, pews, altars, shovels, bowls, and spoons - even the human body. Much of its impact derives from the authority and intensity of feeling, but each piece is enriched as well by the contrast between a monolithic scale and an intimacy of detail. This commanding fusion of austerity, spirituality and emotional force grabs you at once.

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