"when formless becomes attitude"

"It was already quite dark in the fully packed salon.
The monstrous furniture melted to formless masses."
Franz Werfel, Buenos Aires 1941

Lothar Windels, 2000


Robert Morris, 1983,
House of the Vetti

I'm currently absorbing the book, "FORMLESS FURNITURE" edited by Peter Noever. A fantastic history of art furniture! This is the catalog from the 2008 MAK show in Vienna. Take a look at the show here.... Here's an excerpt from the catalog....

"While Robert Morris created well-publicised works of art from thick felt, he did no more than accept the material, barely recontextualizing it as "fine art."

German designer Lothar Windels's felt armchair created in 2000 is an explicit reference to Beuys, Windels called his furniture by the artist's biblical name, JOSEPH. For his opulent object, Windels treated his material in a literally rapturous fashion. A 12 meter long and approximately, three centimeter thick felt path was folded into a seat with armrests, combined with a somewhat shorter second path that was turned over into a backrest and affixed with three long metal screws...."