YHBHS card catalog.

For the upcoming month of December YOU HAVE BEEN HERE SOMETIME will be doing things a bit different! Y H B H S has asked Writers, Artists, Interior and Furniture Designers, Bloggers, Gallery and Store Owner/Directors, and various design enthusiasts a very important question:

WHAT BOOK(s) HAS INSPIRED YOU THE MOST? (& will inspire us!)

The next month, YHBHS will be posting the results. I hope you enjoy this feature as much as I have enjoyed creating it. I have had such a great time corresponding with so many talented people, sharing inspiration from all over the world. It continues to blow me away the amount of amazing people I have met from this site. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to write back with your favorite book!!!

All regular postings from YHBHS will resume in the 2011. Happy Holidays~


So far, the list of participants includes: (with hopefully many more to be added!)

Matt Olson of ROLU DESIGN STUDIO, Brooks Hudson Thomas of SPECIFIC, Rodney Hill, partner MARC FOXX, Jason Roskey of Fern NYC, furniture designer, Gerard O'Brien Reform Gallery , Andrew from AN AMBITIOUS PROJECT COLLAPSING, blogger, Ben & Makoto of SCOUT REGALIA, designers, Paul Sepuya, artist, Ivan Navarro, artist , Don Freeman, photographer, Lindsey Brown of OUNO DESIGN, Anna Sew Hoy, artist, Kristin Dickson of IKO IKO, Fergus Feehily, artist Davide Balula, artist, Genevieve Dellinger, TELL YOU TODAY, designer Keegan McHargue, artist, Walter Manning of OLD CHUM and Old Faithful Shop, , Morgan Satterfield of THE BRICK HOUSE, Brian Paquette, interior designer, Christopher Farr of Christopher Farr, Meaghan Roddy, design specialist, NYC, Galerie Half, Los Angeles, Kevin H Beer, designer, Hollywood Forever, Kevin, Peter Loughrey, Los Angeles Modern Auctions , Liz Arnold, writer, and HOMEBODIES, Suzy Annetta of STUDIO ANNETTA, interior designer, Mary, artist, photographer, blogger UNCHANGING WINDOW, Andy Beach, REFERENCE LIBRARY, Andrew Russeth, 16 MILES of STRING, India Carpenter, designer / artist, Keehnan Konyha, decorator, 2THEWALLS, plus more!