what comes around goes around.

an Amazon reviewer,
aka Amy Hilliard from Virginia writes:

"this book is the equivalent of a bad art house movie. It has out-of-focus pictures of grungy looking rooms taken at unflattering camera angles in bad lighting.

If you are someone who likes to polish up "diamonds in the rough," you may like this book. Because I think only people that can look at junk and find some intrinsic value in it will like this book. However, those people will probably like the book titled Big City Junk better..."

Thanks Amy for the tip! I purchased it immediately off your glowing review!

Mondoblogo recently introduced me to Dominiqe Nabokov from with his two recent postings on his excellent blog. Check it out here.. She also has an interview in the new Apartamento, #5.

"Photographer Dominique Nabokov has documented the living rooms of well-known Parisians - artists, writers, designers, intellectuals, and the occasional celebrity. The rooms vary widely from one another in terms of formality and decor, but they are all equalized under the gaze of Nabokov's camera. Each room is shot simply as it happened to appear on that particular day, without any people.

Using discontinued Polaroid Colorgraph type 691 film, (which provides a full-color transparency in four minutes), Nabokov does not use special lighting, or allow the rooms to be rearranged or touched by a stylist. The result is a series of fascinatingly deadpan photos that puts an ironic slant on the celebrity interior genre. These peeks into the living rooms of celebrated Parisians will provide hours of voyeuristic pleasure.

The book includes more than seventy living rooms of such diverse Parisians as Jean-Paul Goude, Andree Putman, Christian Liaigre, Ingrid Caven, Jeanne Moreau, Victoire de Castellane, Loulou de la Falaise, and Jacques Grange, to name a few."