Studio Mumbai

Tara House
Kashid, Maharashtra,
India 2005

"Beneath the courtyard lies a secret room filled with water from a subterranean aquifer. Light diminishes as one descends the stairs through a stone corridor, intensifying a sense of passage into the earth. The pool has a comforting silence, as water enters the building without ripples or sound.

The subterranean room is a refuge from the hot Indian sun, piercing the ground through circular air holes casting shafts of light across the stone walls into water. Inside the stone-lined cavity, ocean sounds reverberate from above and water fluctuates freely, responsive to the seasons and tides."

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"The house, shared by a multi-generational family, is configured around a garden filled with Plumeria, ferns, grasses, bamboo and jasmine. Beneath the garden, a secret room fills with water from a subterranean aquifer, providing water for the house and gardens through the year."


Studio Mumbai:

" Born in Mumbai in 1965, Bijoy Jain studied abroad, in St Louis in the US, and worked for several years in Los Angeles. But he never really left India.

"I decided to come back in 1995. I feel at home here, I know the traditions, the place."