one chair:
three parts.

"Yoruba tribe of nigeria are excellent bead crafts/men/women. this throne is an older [over 70 years] example of this work. it is a throne handcrafted for a divine Yoruba king. The bead embroiderer begins with the making of a wicker-work or cardboard frame. The embroiderer stretches wet starched unbleached muslin or stiffened cotton over the frame, providing the base for the embroidery, and allows the object to dry in the sun. The actual embroidering then follows, after a choice of surface patterns, in this example they used birds and elephants centered around the seat of a sunburst pattern.

Beads were signs of wealth and status. Many of the Yoruba’s sacred objects were embellished with elaborate images and symbolic designs created by small glass beads. this piece had been restored internally, a beautiful work of spiritually conscious art."

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