Untitled, 2005;
nickel-plated steel, cast bronze, steel cable;

Richard Rezac

"If I can put this correctly, Richard Rezac is an artist of whom I am wary. His work at first seems so simple, it’s modest in scale (considering the ambitious trumpeting of much modern sculpture), rarely the most immediately dramatic piece in the room, stunningly subtle and imbued with a quiet fire that only eventually becomes all absorbing, that might be missed with a too cursory glance.

I know that I’m going to have to bring my lunch, so to speak, that Rezac’s work requires time, almost meditation-like time, that it does not give up its secrets easily, that I have to get my heartbeat and breathing slowed up enough to enter this work, that I have to puzzle out the path he has pursued. It’s always a journey worth taking."

- James Yood
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