Gaetano Pesce
Charlotte Sometimes

lamp by Gaetano Pesce

"all the faces
all the voices blur
change to one face
change to one voice
prepare yourself for bed
the light seems bright
and glares on white walls
all the sounds of
charlotte sometimes
into the night with
charlotte sometimes"

- the cure.

I'm still racking my brain around the lecture of Mr. Gaetano Pesce last week at the Hammer Museum here in Los Angeles. We are lucky to have his west coast retrospective here in this city. I understand most of the collection comes from two local collectors. What I wouldn't give to peak into their homes!

Pesce is a true artist, one that is not afraid to risk it all, even if it gives you a rubber, spaghetti bowl that screams "CRAZY NOODLES" or a lamp that feels like Halloween gone wrong. Oh well, I salute him; I applaud his collapsing failed architecture, because in the end, isn't it the point of it all? He dismisses interior designers, and countries that restrict his imagination. It scares me to be so "ugly" but once my vision is adjusted, I see that I could have been wrong all along.

Maybe I should move to Brazil, melt my belongings, and swim underwater, attempting to touch the jellyfish, or kiss the octopus? Should I save the seat next to me for you?

Summer = beach = lamps that melt and talk into the nite. Thank you Mr Pesce for a lecture that made me smile, and taught me about important Italian design, and what it means to follow your own path.