Richard Jackson,

"Paint, as Richard Jackson uses it, is liquid and libidinal, unruly and projectile; the spurting
lifeblood of an overly cultivated art form and a fluid to be funnelled, pumped and squirted.
Since the 1970s the West Coast American artist has mounted an intensely visceral humorous
interrogation of painting that combines the heroic and the slapstick, systematised procedure
and extreme disorder.

He has expanded the activity of painting, abandoning its conventional
tools for machines such as pumps, vehicles and even rifles to make the work."

coming soon to pasadena!

Richard Jackson: Red Room / Green Room
June 27 - August 22
Opening: June 26, 7-9 PM
In The Pasadena Art Alliance Gallery

For Red Room / Green Room, Jackson has constructed two separate spaces, each of which is painted one of the colors in the exhibition title. Not only are the walls painted, but the floor of each space is covered with the same color as well. Visitors can only see the two spaces through tiny holes in one wall in each of the rooms.

Through each hole, the viewer is confronted by an object evoking this country’s current international military involvements. The radical contrasts between the two colors conveys a powerful sense of confrontation and emphasizes the unsettling interrelationship between the objects.

The Laundry Room
, 2009

via Hauser and Wirth...