While watching "A City of Lost Children" this weekend, I remembered Dennis Lootweg's rusted furniture. Feels like it was lifted out of that gorgeous film. Denis's furniture haas this strange sense of timelessness. go here for the full collection!

"In Dennis Slootweg’s collections, old materials that are marked by the ravages of time – such as industrial waste, often metals - ,are given a surprisingja second life. Not through assembling, but genuinely custom-made. In his own words: ‘I like to play with expectations. Completely new products, like my Rust Cupboards made of old metal, thus still invoke a feeling of recognition – almost immediately followed by the sense that there is more at stake.’

"Gascard developed the technique of rust relief art, during the 1990's in Berlin, Germany. She had long integrated found metal objects into her work, but with the fall of the Berlin Wall she began collecting iron bits from "no man's land," and allowed these to further decay onto linen. Reflecting the carnage associated with the origin of this iron, she gave some of her rust works strong figurative components.

Reinforcing the composition, the finish of these panels creates the effect of translucent skin. The average duration of iron decay for producing these works is over one year. As of 2008, she has been exploring the integration of Arabic calligraphy into her works."

Rhapsody in Rust!

(images, top to bottom.)

1. Sarah Nance, rusted metal, here..
2. Dennis Lootweg, furniture, via yatzer, here..
3. Lorettann Gascard, "Rhapsody in Rust" 2008, rust on linen
4. Corey D' Augustine, rust on canvas, 2009, here..
5. A rusted door!