Jesse Visser

the light clamp and questions.

Jesse Visser,
Light Clamp

I became obsessed when I saw this light on the ATELIER blog last week.
Jesse was kind
enough to answer some questions when I emailed him about the specifics,
and we briefly bonded over electronic music!

(see you at Trouw next time.)
How perfect would these be over a bar / restaurant?
Go to his site to see so much more of his work...
thanks jesse.... looking forward to seeing more work!

"The Light Clamp shows us a creative and clear use of functionality. The hinge is closed by gravity and provides the llightsource with power. The orange colour make it looks like an industrial tool. The lightsource had an internal reflector for efficient downward lighting.

The light clamp? In production? Can people order it?
I produce it myself for the moment! So you can order it!


Inspiration for the lamp?

Clamp to pick up curbs


Favorite lamp designer?
Olafur Eliasson


Music you listen to it in your studio?
Henrick Schwarz (listen..)


Favorite city to travel, for design or other reasons?

Berlin for the moment


Future projects? dream jobs?

Designing a new club or restaurant!


If you weren't a designer, what would you be?

Professional cyclist (hopefully)


Morning person or late nite?
And for those headed to Amsterdam, any must visits in the city?
Late night!
Visit club Trouw! (go here!)


"the cross table

xx xx
xx xx xx

The ‘Cross Table’ is part of the TM collection and was originally designed for the Trade Mart Utrecht. The produtcs are distinguished by their architectural character, the low weight and durability. For in and outside use.

In collaboration with Geke Lensink (


Jesse Visser (Ysselstein 1974) received his BA at Utrecht School of Product Design in 1999 in 3D Design. In 2000 he set up his own designstudio. He has been working on a variety of projects including furniture, lighting, products, interiors, stands and exhibition design. In 2003 he enroled at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam for an MA in Retail & Interior Design to develop his interest further.... Currently he works on commission and on self-initiated projects. Recent clients include Trade Mart Utrecht, Cineac, Opium club restaurant, Wisepeople, DAY creative business partners, city of Tilburg, Summum Reizen and 100%Licht. go to
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