Marius Engh

Time has turned into space,
and there will be no more
time till I get out of here.

Marius Engh

"The frst work of Marius Engh I ever saw had me pretty much seeing nothing. Entering the installation of his graduation exhibition almost ten years ago I was offered nothing more than a pitch dark space. Hesitantly inching my way forward, I realized soon after having turned several corners that the space also had turned into a labyrinth. I was confronted with a profound doubt regarding the point and purpose of the piece, but more importantly I was doubting my ability to return to the entrance. The solution was somewhere in between: I stood still and hoped for my eyes to adjust to the darkness.

Marius Engh’s works have since always required and rewarded in the same manners: wait and there is a chance you’ll be able to see."

"What Engh offers may, however, not so much be silence as a devaluation or re-evaluation of sign value. The four quilts here on display seem as much motivated by decorative as by communicative ambitions, leaving it unclear whether they are to be understood as mere ornaments or having any signifcance as signs. Hanging from the naked wooden structure, these four quilts resemble the fags of an optical telegraph where the bold patterns and rich array of colours would serve as syllables. However, the intense sensation of a language unfolding does not prevent the simultaneous sensation of meaning folding in. Recognizing being underprivileged yet again, I merely wait for the muteness to perforate."


all text taken
from Press Releaase
from Standard Oslo